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Bumper Cars

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Bumpercars.io is free for all bumper car game. In Bumpercars.io you are an alien being driving and fighting for their very life. Youre in control of a saucer-shaped, futuristic bumper car which is your only offensive and defensive weapon against a variety of bloodthirsty aliens in similar saucers. Think fast and move even faster! The enemy is all around you and they are out to destroy you. You have to outmaneuver them, smash into them and run them off the edge of the arena before they do the same to you. And dont think they wont! In Bumpercars.ioyougrow larger and more powerful every time you smash an opponent. As you grow in size and mass you become a bit harder to control. This is a self-balancing mechanism to make sure that lucky hits will not determine the winner. Only a truly skilled player can handle the ever-changing size and mass of their ship. As the game progresses the very arena that youre playing in will slowly begin to shrink in size. You will have a small warning to let you know where the shrink will begin and it is your responsibility to navigate within the safe area and remain there until the shrink happens. Eventually, youll be able to use your winnings to buy upgrades for your saucer and alien, upgrading their look to your own personalized aesthetic. Bumpercars.io is truly the arena smash-up of the future. In fact, it might just be too far ahead of its time, are you future enough to jump in, play, smash and win?

Game Controls and Instructions:

Use the W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad to control your Bumper Car.

The Space Bar provides you with a powerful but limited boost.