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Cursor Knights


Bejeweled StyleRPG
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Welcome to cursor knights!! This is a game where you use your cursor to attack a bunch of monsters! You can buy new cursors that take up less mana to attack, and do more damage, slay giant snakes, and more!!

Game Instructions / How to Play:

WASD or arrow keys to move.

Move your mouse around to move your cursor.

left click to drink potions and to buy things.

E to interact

Enter to chat.

What you do: The game is split into a bunch of different areas, each one with its own enemy. If you kill one, you will be rewarded XP and Gold. You can use xp to go to the other areas and gold can be used to buy new cursors, potions etc.


Wooden cursor: The starting cursor. Cost: Free! Stats: Damage: 5 Mana per slash: 20

Stone cursor: Cost: 75 gold. Stats: Damage: 7 mana per slash: 15

Iron cursor: Cost: 250 gold. Stats: Damage: 10 mana per slash: 10

gold cursor: Cost: 500 gold. Stats: Damage: 15mana per slash: 10

Ruby cursor: Cost: 850gold. Stats: Damage: 20mana per slash: 10

Platinumcursor: Cost: 1999gold. Stats: Damage: 30mana per slash: 5

and more to come!!


Pot: A pot. Gives 2 xp and 1 gold

Slime: A little blob of green... Stuff? Damage 10 gives 6 xp and 3 gold

Monster Fish: How does this fish breath on land? No one knows... Damage: 25 gives 25 xp and 15 gold

Golden mage: shoots little golden knight seeking orbs. Orb damage: 15 they give 45 xp and 30 gold

Golden snail: Another golden monster. Damage: 35 they give 75 xp and 45 gold.

Dark Knight: will chase you and has a dark cursor that will do the same.Damage: 20 dark cursor damage 35 gives 250 xp and 150 gold

Twinsnake: A two headed snake. Damage: 40 poison damage: 10 gives 350 xp and 250 gold.

And more enemys will come!!

Have fun! Also dont forget to send in skin submissions! (Account im modd.io and verified email required.)