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The Gifts are rebelling. Tired of being wrapped up and handed out like currency they have taken up arms. Beware!
GiftHunter. Online is a funny Christmas themed 3D Shooter. There are a lot of gits around some are gifts are your enemies.
In this MMO game, you are in a shootout to the death with other players. All players including yourself are red gifts.
You must use your wits to determine if the gifts you see are normal obstacles or are indeed living gifts, armed to the teeth trying to kill you.
Hide amongst piles of gifts, climb to the top of Christmas trees to get a snipers eye view of the playing field, outsmart other players and shoot them to become victorious.


WASD: Movement

Left Mouse: Shoot

Q: Switch to Knife

Strategy Tips:

Your gun has a limited amount of ammo which re-charges after you do a spray of bullets. You dont want to expose yourself by firing and then not be able to retaliate when other players spot you.
Try not to move too fast or other players will spot you.
Beware the Penguin bots that populate the game. They will stomp you to death.