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About JAMMIES.io

The goal of JAMMIES is to spread your slimy territory across the land, capture enemy territories, and jam other slimes that get in your way.

There are four towers that, if captured, will increase the speed of your Jammie. These are vital resources that you will want to maintain control of, and prevent being stolen by other players.

The central tower, at the middle of the map, changes your slime into Black Goo. Any enemy Jammies that enters your territory will be slowed down, making it more difficult for them to escape. The central tower is a very difficult area to maintain control of for long periods due to its importance.

How To Play

When you leave your slime territory, a tail will follow behind you. Simply draw out an area you want to capture, then re-connect to your original territory for completion.

Be wary however: if someone rams into your tail, youre finished. So, be aware of your surroundings at all times!

You can also jam other slimes by running into their exposed tail lines when they are outside of their territories. The safest place to be is within your own slimy land. Enemy players cannot jam you there.


Your slime is in a constant state of motion. You only need to control its four directions of movement.

For ease of access, your slime can be controlled in many different ways:

  1. Arrow Keys(Up / Down / Left / Right)
  2. WASDControls
  3. Mouse(click and swipe in the direction you want)
  4. Touchscreencontrols (swipe in the desired direction)

If you prefer other movement types, please contact me, the developer!

Other Notes

  • For your convenience,Music & Voice SFX are turned OFF by default. Go ahead and turn those on if you prefer playing with sound.
  • Collisions with the outer walls, or obstacles, will NOT kill you! Your jammie will automatically change direction for you.
  • If you get jammed, you can quickly jump back into the fray by clicking anywhere on the screen or pressing any key. You do not HAVE to click the "Respawn" button for example.