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Laserz.io is a free iogame. Welcome to the height of gaming, Laserz.io is an online multiplayer space shooter game. You switch into the role of a space fighter pilot and need to fight for your team. But be prepared, other players will try to shoot you! You can play different game modes either in FFA, or in private matches together with friends. Just send them the link to your match and create a great team.

Every ship is equipped with a powerful laser that allows you to shoot other players and AIs, like patrols which are guarding stations. You can equip better weapon by shooting powerups that spawn everywhere in space.



  • Missiles – You will get multiple space missiles, which can follow a target automatically, once they found one. They will never attack your own team.
  • Shield – Your own shield will recover from damage, also you will get an additional shield that protects you against lasers and missiles. This additional shield doubles the protection of your spaceship.
  • Boost – Until the next time your ship gets destroyed, your capacity to speedup will be doubled. Use it to escape from tricky dog fights, or to follow other players.
  • Space Bomb – The most powerful weapon you can use is the space bomb. It will damage, and maybe even destroy every ship of other teams within the range of the bomb is dropped. After dropping it, it will explode within a few seconds. If you every see its massive green blast, leave the zone as quick as you can!
  • Taser – You are following a bunch of other players, but they are too quick to aim at? Just use the front facing taser! It will shoot powerful lightnings forward, and can hit multiple other ships at the same time. But be as close to them as possible, the taser is not a long-distance weapon.
  • Deflector Shield – If anyone is following you, you are trapped into a dog fight, or a missile is approaching you, use the red deflector shield. It will cover your back for a few seconds from everything that is approaching you. But be aware, other players might use this technology to defend themselves as well!


  • W/A/S/D – Control your ship
  • Mouse Left – Shoot Laser
  • Mouse Right – Shoot secondary weapon (from powerups)
  • Scroll – Change weapon (or use number keys)
  • Press Scroll – Look around (great for dog fights)
  • Shift – Slow down
  • Space – Boost (only for a few seconds, use powerups to get bigger booster)
  • Enter – Chat


Player ranks

Create an account to save your progress. For every match that you complete you will get XP. You will get higher ranks over time, which are visible next to your name. Show other players who the best player is! You can reach the following ranks:

  • Recruit (your very first rank)
  • Spaceman
  • Senior Spaceman
  • Sergeant
  • Senior Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Senior Master Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Senior Lieutenant
  • Commander
  • Senior Commander
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Senior Major
  • Colonel
  • Senior Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • Senior General
  • Grand General

And maybe more? Show your friends how well you can fly spaceships!