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Master Baiter

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Master Baiter is a multiplayer fishing game! In this game, you test your fishing skills! Use your fishing rod to fish and gather more and more money. While on the beach, you can find a wide variety of sea creatures. To get to the top of the rankings, you must find the biggest of all!Whenever you finish fishing, check your level of experience, the higher it is, the better your results will be. Use your experience to reach better piers! Fishing is one of Americas okdest past times, but do you have what it takes to turn that past time into a game? Will you defeat the legions of other players from around the world who all have their sticks in the same poind as you and are all after the same prize, the same treasue, the same bounty? Maybe! Youll have to listen to your intuition, sharpen your skills and be patient. Stake out a place on the beach in order to grind your way up to fishing off of the pier, then off of a boat and far beyond! The world of trophy fishing is frought with drama. You wont just be catching and releasing in this game, youll be  competing face to face, toe to toe, and rod to rod with experienced fishmen from every inch of the globe! Its a veritable whos who of the fishing world! Do you have whtit takes to win? Find out in Masterbaiter.io



Use WASD to move.

Use your mouse to spin.

Left click to cast your fishing rod.

G to drop the fish.

B to buy items.