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PLAYSQUIDGAME.FUN is a free iogame. Wow, here it is, a game about Squids that doesn t feature any squids. Crazy? Yes, but we re used to that kind of stuff in the casual gaming sphere.  This isn t just a singular game, it is a series of small mini-games, all of which are important for you to compete in and prevail. simple Multiplayer Squid Game-themed game.  Some games are based on Skill and some are based on Luck. This is unique 5 IN 1 Game. Here, We have 5 Game Modes to Play. Let s Breakdown the Game Modes.


Gameplay is Simple. You have to move only when the Doll sings. Stop moving before It finishes singing. Also keep eye on timer too. Try to reach the finish line Before the Timer reach 0.

Controls : Arrow Keys or WASD


Fun & Thrilling Game Mode. You have to Survive 30 seconds from Cannon Strike. Cannons will aim nearest target and Shoot . Just Dodge & Survive

Controls : Arrow Keys or WASD


This mode is Dice based one. It has 3 Sub Modes. 

1. SCORE CHASE : You can set the target score. If you set High Target Score, It will take more time to finish. No worries, Still you can Speed up the game in Settings Menu. You & Your Opponent will get equal chances. Toss the Dice and reach the Target score first to win.

2. TWO PLAYER MODE : Same as Score Chase Mode. But, you can play with another Player on same Computer. You can set Skin and Name for Player#2

3. KNOCKOUT MODE : You have compete with 3 Opponents. This is Free For All game. Each Player has 10 Toss. Score More to Win