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schedios.io is a multiplayer free drawing game where a player draws a sketch while rest of the players try their best to guess what is being drawn.

schedios.io is set in a jungle where animals get together around a tree to play the fun game of drawing and guessing. Players can choose from 50+ cute animal avatars. 

All players in the game take turns to draw a word of their choice while others guess the word. Good drawing that other players can quickly guess and guessing others drawing quickly gives more points. After a few rounds in each game, the player with most points wins the game.
A private room with up to 10 players can be created for private play. Private room also allows to play with custom words.

How To Play

  • When its your turn, choose a word and draw it.
  • When others are drawing, try to guess it quickly.


  • Use mouse or touch to select an animal avatar and username of your choice
  • Use mouse or touch to draw when it is your turn to draw
    • Use brush to draw any color
      • Use brush size to change from normal, thick and thicker brush sizes
    • Use eraser to erase any part of the drawing
    • Use flood fill to fill color in shapes
    • Use clear to clear drawing i.e. start fresh
    • Use undo to undo your last drawing action
  • Use keyboard or touch (when onscreen-keyboard is on) to type and send your guesses
  • Click on any other players animal avatar to like/pat them