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Tank Mania

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Tank Mania is a free online Tank Game. Tank Manias gameplay involves a mixture of hand-to-eye coordination and tactical decision-making. The successful play also hinges on a good grasp of spatial awareness. Currently, theres only one game mode: Team Play. The individual is still in development.


  • Shoot: Click on your tank and drag backward to shoot.
  • Move: Click somewhere on the map to travel there. Right-click to cancel movement.
  • Camera: Use the arrow keys to move the camera

Team Play

Team Play allows groups of players to play in teams, signified by red and blue colors. The aim of Team Play is to capture the oppositions flag and take it to the friendly respawn area, without being attacked in the process. As in the Individual Mode, players can still destroy enemy tanks and earn points for their team, and the team with the most points by the end of the time limit wins.


Current items include bombs and health packs:

  • Bombs — These high-explosive projectiles can be used to deal extreme damage to enemies. A direct hit will inflict 60% damage. The large explosion radius also allows users to attack enemies through walls. Bombs are compulsory in bomb land games.
  • Health Kit — This power-up restores 20%-60% of its users health depending on the one consumed.

Planned items are explosive barrels, smoke bombs and ropes.


  • Dodge — Enemy shots can be evaded by moving very short distances while under fire. By moving only short distances, the delay timer lasts for a shorter amount of time, allowing multiple, quick bursts of movement in the same space of time as a single large movement.
  • Ram — Moving the tank close to an opponent limits the enemys options; if the opponent attacks, it will receive as much damage as is inflicted upon its target. This is very useful to block an opponent (usually, from firing at a teammate carrying a flag) or to limit its capabilities if it bears a bomb or other special item.
  • False Shot — Usually, when a player has a bomb and an opponent has no bomb and they are fighting each other in a close distance, the disadvantaged player will try to quick-dodge. To make the second player move, the player with the bomb will usually throw ammo at it (as if the ammo is the bomb) or "rope" it; the second player may think that whatever is coming towards him is the bomb and will attempt to dodge it (however, because the distance is close, there is not much time to investigate properly, and reaction time is instinctive). The first player then takes this chance to destroy the opponent with the real bomb. However, this strategy is not especially effective against experienced players.
  • Bomb Trick — When an opponent wants to fetch a bomb nearby, a player can target the bomb in advance; when the foe is moving towards the bomb, the player can shoot the bomb so that it explodes just before the enemy reaches it, dealing severe damage of up to 60%; furthermore, hitting the side of the bomb that the enemy is at can deal 80% damage.