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TDFork by hdggdalton is a heavily modified version of the original TD by Immaculate (thanks! :D) on modd.io. It provides tougher challenges to overcome and more features to play with. The objective of the game is to protect the Gem in the bottom of the map from 15 waves of enemies by either walling it off or spamming turrets, both are viable strategies. While the hordes of enemies might overwhelm you at first, strategic tower placement and upgrading can win the wave for your team.
WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
R: Repair a tower/wall you are next to. Repairing costs energy, but always less than what it would cost you to build the same tower from scratch. You can also repair someone else's buildings and the Gem, this is a coop game after all!
U: Upgrade a tower/wall you are next to. Each upgrade costs 20% the original cost of the unit. You can't manual upgrade above your own level, but turrets can level up by themselves by hitting and killing enemies. Also you can upgrade the gem health for 1 hp per 4 energy by standing next to it.
Left Click: Put down turrets/access the gem shop by standing next to the gem.

The game has been condensed into 15 waves instead of the usual 50, because 50 waves takes waaaaaay too long.
Enemies damage towers and the Gem by bumping into them or shooting projectiles at them.
Everyone's build limit is 20. Both walls and turrets count towards the limit.
All units can level up, except for the enemies. Each level gives +20 hp and +1 attack, and yes, reaching level 100 towers is common in this game, and yes, it will give +100 attack, so try to level up your towers as much as possible.
Towers, walls, and the Gem can level up by hitting and killing enemies, taking damage, and the Gem just gets xp from all kills, respectively. All 3 get xp upon finishing a wave.
The players get xp from their towers' kills and hits, and upon finishing a wave.
Enemy waves are numerous to begin with, but more players increase the amount of enemies that show up and the quality of enemies that show up. 1 player = +3 minions, 4 players = +1 boss. Yes, there can be multiple bosses.
Prestige waves are a harder repeat of the 15 waves. Enemies get 2x stronger, but they give 3x more xp each prestige level and the wave clear bonus is multiplied by 10x so newer players don't get left behind.
The Gem gets a greater shadow tower and a greater fire tower at the beginning of the game, both at level 10, so it isn't defenseless. While immune to melee attacks, ranged attacks that ignore collisions can kill the towers inside the Gem.
All projectiles do at least some knockback.
If an enemy gets to the bottom of the map, it will reappear at the top of the map - and regain 50% health! Make sure the enemies don't reach the bottom.
Enemies have an armor attribute, which is a flat decrease to damage from each projectile. Because the damage reduction is for every projectile, enemies with higher armor have better resistance to spam tactics.
All towers have their hp regen set to 1 + level/15, so for example a level 15 tower has 2 hp regen, a level 30 tower has 3 hp regen, a level 45 tower has 4 hp regen, etc.

Potion of energy increases your energy cap by 50 + your level * 2.
Potion of knowledge increases the level at which your towers are built at, but slightly increases cost of towers by 2 every purchase.
Potion of vitality increases the rate at which you regain energy at +0.05 energy per potion.
All potions cost 1 skillpoint each.

Enemies (in order of appearance):
Red slime: A very weak red blob with eyes, the first enemy you'll encounter. Does almost no damage and gets killed very easily. 50 hp, 2 melee attack, 0 armor.
White snake: A slightly stronger zigzag snake that appears early in the game. It does little damage, but it has decent health for early game. Basic towers can have problems hitting this slithery enemy. 200 hp, 6 melee attack, 1 armor.
Big red slime: A big red blob with eyes, the first tank enemy you'll encounter. It moves slowly in a straight line, and has very high health and attack for early game, but performs poorly in a group since only one big slime can engage a tower at a time. It splits into 3 red slimes upon death. 900 hp, 18 melee attack, 0 armor.
Snake king: A giant zigzag snake that is the first *real* boss of the game, it has extremely high health and attack for the early game, AND it keeps spawning white snakes if left alive. An enterprising player could farm the snake king, but you're just better off killing it. It reappears sometime later in the game in large numbers as a surprise spam wave. ;) Spam tactics won't work against the snake king if it already has a lot of minions, spam cancels spam out. 6000 hp, 35 melee attack, 2 armor.
Imp: A red demon that flies straight at the gem. It has moderate health and a good attack. Beware, they might rush your base if you don't prepare. 500 hp, 16 melee attack. 1 armor.
Baby dragon: A small zigzag dragon that flies around, spewing fireballs downwards. It has average health for early-midgame, and does poor melee damage. It shoots fireballs quickly, though. 800 hp, 8 melee attack, 6 ranged attack, 1 armor.
Red dragon: A big dragon that slowly walks to the gem. It does very high damage and has very high health. It spits out fireballs occasionally, which deal a decent amount of damage. 10000 hp, 92 melee attack, 75 ranged attack, 3 armor.
Iron beetle: A big, grey beetle that slowly marches to the gem. It has really high health but mediocre damage. Like the red dragon, it can be pushed back by spam tactics. 3600 hp, 28 melee attack, 4 armor.
Disciple: A weird, root-ish twisty thingy. It zigzags and has high health for midgame, but poor damage. They come in high numbers, be careful! 1600 hp, 25 melee attack, 1 armor.
Overlord: A menacing, gigantic, shelled being. It slowly walks at the gem. As another tank boss, it has extremely high health, but it also does very high melee damage and has a fast attack speed. 16000 hp, 89 melee attack, 4 armor.
Medusa: A floating, grey head. It's an enemy that floats to the gem at rather high speed. It has high health and below average damage, but it doesn't zigzag. 2400 hp, 28 melee attack, 1 armor.
Medusa Queen: A bigger, still floating, zigzag Medusa. Unlike its minions, the queen zigzags around and has very high health, but surprisingly low damage. 20000 hp, 56 melee attack, 2 armor.
Gazer: A floating, zigzag eye. It is deceptively durable, but its melee damage is pitiful. It randomly shoots purple orbs, though, which can do a lot of collateral damage if left alone. 2500 hp, 12 melee attack, 18 ranged attack, 1 armor.
Swarmling: A more pale, zigzag imp. While it has poor stats for midgame, they come in large numbers, have a small hitbox, and move very fast, making them almost like annoying flies. They can still cause some serious damage if they slip through the cracks, though. 1000 hp, 19 melee attack, 1 armor.
Elemental: Oh, boy, let me tell you about these. They are like floating, big, white tree branches with boss-like health and melee damage that move forwards slowly and periodically shoot white orbs in a circle around themselves. The white orbs pass through objects, which means they can attack deep inside your defenses while being at the front. And the real kicker? They aren't classified as a boss, so more players will spawn many of them. These guys are usually the ones that break through the defenses that have lasted for many waves. 10000 hp, 54 melee attack, 35 ranged attack (per projectile), 5 armor.
Star: A metal star with an eye(?) that slowly crawls to the gem. They are very tanky, but do poor melee damage for late-game. 5000 hp, 20 melee attack, 5 armor.
Corrupter: A weird, gigantic, corrupted mutant butterfly. This is the final boss unit, and yes, there can be more than 1 on screen at a time. They are the most powerful and damaging unit in the game, but they're extremely slow. They shoot 3 deadly purple orbs randomly which can penetrate objects. Try to immobilize them with a wall, then put towers around them to slaughter them. 50000 hp, 122 melee attack, 130 ranged attack (per projectile), 6 armor.

Everyone starts at level 1 with access to only walls and basic fire towers, however levels can be saved.
Towers have 4 tiers, from weakest to strongest: basic, greater, ultimate, and pure.
The general tower types are as follows:
Wall: Technically considered a tower, but has no offensive capabilities. Starts with 500 hp, (so even low level walls can last for a while) costs 20 energy, and levels up by taking damage. Good for stalling. When put down, it adjusts its strength to the level of the player that puts it down. (higher = more hp)
Fire: The cheapest tower, but not the weakest. Fires rapidly with medium range, and has medium-high damage. The projectiles move slowly, though, making them poor at attacking zigzag enemies. Good when massed, and easy to mass because they're cheap.
Ice: A very strong tower with high damage and fast projectiles, making them ideal for fighting zigzag enemies. Greater and above tiers shoot many icicles randomly like a shotgun, making them even better vs. zigzag enemies. They perform poorly against single enemies due to being unable to aim properly.
Wind: A strange tower which does abysmal damage, but great knockback. Wind projectiles go fast and far, making them ideal against zigzag units. Their great knockback also lets them stunlock enemies to death, or push them to a certain area.
Shadow: The 'bomb tower' of TD, shadow towers have projectiles that pass through enemies and do huge damage. Their projectiles are slow and the towers have the worst range, making them terrible against zigzag or fast enemies.
Brilliance: A mix between 'sniper tower' and 'machine gun', brilliance towers have average damage and average projectile speed, but the longest range and rate of fire, and higher tiers fire multiple projectiles when they fire. Perfect for spam strategies.

Spam/Mass Strategy:
Put down a LOT of towers in a tight ball. You can coordinate with other players to make an even larger spam ball, but even by yourself, this very offensive strategy will dish out a lot of damage. Unfortunately, it's very susceptible to projectiles, especially projectiles that can pass through objects. Also, it lacks walls, and if you sacrifice turrets for walls, you'll be decreasing the offensive capability of the spam ball. D:

Fortress Line Strategy:
This strategy is best with multiple players. The highest level player puts down the walls for the entire fortress, which will span the width of the map. The rest of the players put down their turrets behind the fortress wall. When the walls are properly maintained, and teamwork is used, this mix of offense and defense will easily power through many, many waves of enemies. Its only weakness is against enemies with projectiles that go through objects, which is why I said Elemental enemies were very tough.

Cave Camping Strategy:
Put walls blocking off the entire length of the enemy spawn cave, then put towers around the cave. The enemies won't be able to get past the walls, and they'll get butchered. A word of warning, though; don't use wind towers, because the enemies might clip through the walls and destroy your entire base.

Wind Tower Line:
For this to work, you need to put wind towers in a line, not a spam ball, since if it's in a line it will evenly push back enemies. It's recommended you do this with someone else who puts walls in front of the towers or a damaging tower behind the towers to exploit the knockback as much as they can. Make sure to upgrade the side towers because zigzag units usually deal damage to those.

That's all, have fun! :D